Thursday, December 8, 2011

Angry Snowmans - What We Do Is Festive

Punk rock has it's share of spoof acts: Manic Hispanic, Black Fag, and The Misfats all come to mind.  Swap out the beaner jokes, innuendo, and food references for Christmas and you've got The Angry Snowmans.  Coming out of Victoria, BC these guys don't waste time with another Blue Christmas or Jolly Old Saint Nick.  Instead they bring us all new (yet somehow vaguely familiar) holiday hymns like "Candy Cane Addiction" (sung to the tune of the Zero Boys' "Amphetamine Addiction"), "20 Lights" (I'm sure you can guess) and "I Love Christmas In The City" (duh).  What We Do Is Festive is the Snowmans' second full-length, having released a self titled CD and digital download album back in 2009.  I've gotta hand it to these guys, this is some funny stuff.  My personal favorite is the Jabbers-inspired "Don't Naughty Me" ("well I'm just sick and tired of being on your list...").  If you're still skeptical, head on over to the band's website and listen for yourself.  I'm sure after a few songs you'll all agree that these guys are definitely full of...wit.

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