Monday, January 3, 2011

Franck Lester & Mark Robson - Christmas Rock

"If he was born in the present day, we'd give him a name and we'd call him Jesus but he'd be born in the USA, with rock'n'roll he would lead the way!" Well put guys! As hard as I've tried, I can't find any information on these great junkshop glam 45s from France. I first stumbled upon Lester's version (1974 on Barclay) and its been a favorite of my yearly christmas DJ night ever since. I only recently discovered Robson's 45, which was released on the FTC label. Both feature an instrumental version of the same song on the b-side and both records claim to be the "version originale" however, the songwriting on both 45s is credited to Robson and the vocals of Robson's version are credited to Mike Donagan. Robson apparently played in a French band called Le Poing, though I haven't come across any of their records yet. The song itself is a revved-up rendition of the French christmas carol Il Est NĂ© le Divin Enfant. Here's both the tracks so you can decide for yourself which is better.



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